The Professional Towing & Recovery Operators of Illinois (PTROI), is a nonprofit, statewide organization formed to protect and promote the welfare of those engaged in the towing and recovery business and aid in ensuring the safety of the public in Illinois. Its goals are to educate members and the public, promote professional and quality towing services to provide a more favorable image of the towing industry for the public, and unite towers working for the common good of the towing industry.

To further the effectiveness of our association, the PTROI needs your support. The more united we are, the stronger and more successful we will be in assisting you as a member and the towing and recovery industry as a whole.  Decisions are being made every day in government and our own industry that affect our industry. You cannot afford not to belong to PTROI.  By becoming a member you will be aiding your industry and livelihood as you become one of the industry’s policy makers.

Members of the PTROI support and encourage fair competition in all business dealings and promote fellowship throughout the member rolls. Members strive to be the premier providers of towing and recovery services within the state offering quality, honesty and professionalism to their customers.


What have we done for you lately?

  • The highlight of the year is always our annual Trade show in August bringing you information and products in a fun atmosphere.
  • We have two General Membership meetings yearly
  • Our monthly newsletter has been deemed “Best in the Nation”
  • All PTROI members are automatically members of Tow Partners.  TowPartners provides substantial member discounts at Nextel, Aramark and many others.

For those of you who would like, we are again offering our “365 CLUB“.  Some of our members feel their membership is worth at least a dollar a day and have voluntarily sent in $365 as their dues.  PTROI is in need of funds to continue the law suit and other efforts on your behalf.  “365 CLUB” member names will be posted in the Association Newsletter and online.  Give some thought to joining the “365 CLUB”.

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